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Ston - Supavo

Ston is small medieval town from 14th Century, situated on the very junction of Penninsula Pelješac with land. It is famous for its long tradition in shellfish farming and salt pans. Shellfish have been farmed here from Roman times and Ston oysters are World famous.
Salt pans are situated in the very center of the town and are known as the World's oldest pans where salt production hasn't changed since ancient times. Ston is surrounded by city walls 5,5 km long and they are the longest in the whole Europe.
The town is surrounded by centuries old olive trees and mediterranean vegetation. In the bay there are two very famous nautic places "Kobaš" and "Broce".

Supavo is situated accros "Broce" 1,5 km away from Stona, along the coast. The local road is going through olive trees and mediterranean vegetation and bike ride to Ston is real pleasure.